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Save One Life Every Hour By 2020

There are several ways you can be part of the global P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water
Program (CSDW) — you can make a donation, get others involved through a fundraiser
and share the CSDW demo experience.

Make a Donation

It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference. Just 10 cents provides one P&G water purification packet that creates 10 liters of clean water.

Just $1 gives a child clean water for 50 days.
$7.50 gives a child clean water for a year.
$30 gives a family clean water for a year.
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Hold a Fundraiser

Encourage your friends, family and community to support the P&G CSDW Program. In this comprehensive toolkit, you will find:

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Purchase for Yourself or Order for Your Organization

See how it works—and share the water packet experience, too. You can purchase the P&G Purifier of WaterTM in bulk (240 packets per case) from North America distributor, DayOne Response, Inc. Contact email: