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Dr. Greg Allgood:

On a Mission

Dr. Greg Allgood travels around the world every year, distributing water purification packets to people in need, teaching people how to use this technology to easily turn dirty water into clean, drinkable water and helping prevent illness and save the lives of children.

Dr. Allgood joined P&G in 1986. Through his public health efforts, he worked to improve the lives of others. Today, he is a senior fellow in the Sustainability organization, and the Director of the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program at Procter & Gamble, leading P&G's efforts to provide clean drinking water in the developing world.

Dr. Allgood's travels with CSDW really started in Kenya in 2002, when he showed a local woman how a P&G packet could quickly enable filthy, disease-ridden water to become clean enough to drink.

While talking with the woman, her now valuable bucket of purified water was stolen. The woman got down on her knees in the mud and begged Dr. Allgood for another packet. So he gave her what he had and told her he'd bring more back.

Dr. Allgood knew he had to do more to help. Back in the U.S., he convinced P&G to start the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program and turn the distribution of the water packets into a not-for-profit project.

Today P&G works with a diverse group of over 100 partners – organizations like PSI, World Vision and CARE - to provide families in developing countries with access to clean drinking water.

To date, the work of Dr. Allgood has enabled P&G and its partners to provide more than five billion liters of clean drinking water for children and their families in more than 65 developing nations.

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